sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2011

Jeová . . . , por favor, faze que aconteça. — Gên. 24:12.

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  1. hi :-)) thanks for your comment on by blog. and yes i understand you wrute in norwegian :-)) i guess you think its a little bit fun to try ? you can write in english:-)) beautiful flower pictures here. and yes the white line on home decor is more usual in skandinavia and north europe, i think it has something to do by the clima, cold weather , long dark whintertime, so we want it light inside the house. and our temperament is not so powerfull and colorful :-)) have a greate weekend :-)) from oslo, norway

  2. Márcia Barbosa da Silva: Muito bom o texto de Hoje!!!!

  3. Aline Braga via Rose Cantiero
    Lindo texto de hj


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